CEO Message

Cosmetic Manufacturer partner, with the best technologies and honest products, accelerating the success of business clinets.

" Will always be together for costomers happiness and business success

Will do our best to satisfy the customers andemployees needs"

Since its establishment in 2003, Y&G has maintained customer satisfaction and honest product production.  Starting with a natural soap manufacturer, the company is now facusing is full capabilities on the "cleansing power" business. 

As a result of our continuos efforts to develop leading technologies and achieve complete quality, we are meeting with global customers through the best customer-inspiring service.

Over 10 years, always considered customer satisfaction and had built professional development and production system to enable it. Provide correct quality and delivery.

Developing leading design and functional products, Y&G is becoming as its company vision "most trusted cosmetic company to customers".

Secure R&D competitiveness based on continuou technology development. By providing its services based on trust based management and win-win business to customers, partners, suppliers and all stakeholders, Y&G Co.,Ltd supplies it‘s products to over five companies overseas and domestic major companies.

In particular, Y&G has developed Enzyme Powder cleanser manufacturing process with its technology and efforts and also confident that we had create jobs based on Domestic cosmetic industry and sustainable growth. Y&G Co.,Ltd will make every effort to activate industrial growth and social responsibility contribution.

Thank you very much.


Y&G Co., Ltd President│ Y. T. JEE

TEL. 031-769-7899 


FACTORY ADRESS : Y&G Bldg., 90 Gwangnaman-ro, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Seoul